Software Features

Graphical Displays


Power consumption, alerts, notifications and data analysis can be printed as figures or trends


Predictive power consumption

Trend and data charts

Save and print from the control panel

Factor analysis such as electrical accidents, power outages, and drops in electric pressure


Power Failure Management

When a power failure occurs, the software blocks the breaker sequentially, operates the emergency generator and inputs the load. It can then stop the emergency generator when the main power is recovered.

Efficiency Management

Remote monitoring of power facilities and meter readings

SMS for emergency contact

Demand Control

Continuous Monitoring

Cut off the load when power consumption exceeds the peak demand value.

Control managed by settings and over-rides.

Monitoring for target power consumption, expected power consumption, present power consumption, demand control and power outage alarm

Periodical checks against predictions of power consumption and controlling of the registered loads in order not to exceed the suggested demand value

Additional Features

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time trends as well as historial data
  • Extension method of tag use
  • Support for a variety of controls
  • Communication configurations
  • Improvement of accuracy through digital meters