Powered by Energy Manager Software

Simple GUI

Easy Mapping

Indicates actual locations of lamps in the layout

Smart Control

Lights on/off control

Edits and adds lamps simply

Shifts between layouts conveniently


Input and print with convenient and organized menu processes

Built-in standard symbols and information functions which are able to be added and modified on user's demand

Convenient Maintenance

Status Indication

Indication of distribution diagrams and monitoring status by dynamic graphics

Indicator on status bar for lamp information and using status

Report Function

Print out status, control history, using trend and using detail by hours, days, months and years and making reports as the format on user's demand

Indication of a whole diagram on screen by a certain cycle in sequence and making hard copy of the screens

Easy Calculations

Integrated Computations

Integrating calculation of operating time per lighting

Organise & Structure

Setting and managing by group, pattern, special pattern and special group


Access Rights

Limitation of operation by the different levels of user's authority to users and devices

Control on/off by designated groups

Data Secuirty

Automatic saving, printing and reading function of historical logs


System extension function

Control by accessing through the Internet at the user's most convenient place.

Interconnect with other systems through standard protocols


Real Time Control

Monitoring lighting status and dimming level

Mobile Lighting control by ARS

Schedule control function

Schedule settings by day, week, month, and special days

Additional Features of Energy Manager Software

  • Graphic text: a variety of options such as changeable colour gradation for letters, border colour, transparency, thickness, display format and icon background.
  • Various and intuitive alarm methods: apply special alarm effects such as focusing, voice alarm, icon animation, blinking and changing colour/text, so that you can notice the location and cause of the problem right away.
  • High speed communication: real-time information by improvement of communication speed (Universal/dedicated driver possible for Modbus).
  • Enhanced graphs: simultaneously plot up to 5 charts, display of trend history of the specific time which the user want to set, plus convenient features such as specifying color for each tag, zoom, pan and value tooltips.
  • Enhanced automatic tag entering / editing: the user only needs to enter the name of tag, then the software automatically calculates and inputs the measured value. Compared with other companies where the user has to calculate the data and variable types etc.
  • Automatic script (C#) input: with the Microsoft C# script, users can make various functions they want such as changing value, combination of functions and auto-recording. Intuitive use without a manual through the auto-fill feature and the benefit of on-line display of coding problems.
  • G/P setting: only for CLARUS lighting equipments without additional setting program.
  • Intuitive tooltips: real time support with easy-to-understanding instructions, tooltips, tag values, and control information on the control icon bar.
  • Various types of control: support for various kinds of instruments such as gauges, metric system, slider bars, thermometers and switches.
  • Report generation and editing: automatic report generation in Excel format with screen display, editing and print functions.
  • Easy conversions: convert various equipment values with gain-offset and script support.
  • Easy display of unit conversion: view changed value, conditional value and instruction in the way the user want.
  • Integrated schedule function: operate various equipments with easy input by drag-and-drop.
  • Sunrise/down time schedule function.
  • Demand control: monitoring/control function of maximum power demand which can offer electricity bill-saving.
  • Gauge value map/simulation support: easy real-time output of equipment values just by choosing the name and address of it.