Software Features


Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Heating and cooling valve control according to the air temperature

Fan start-stop control by the smoke detector

Damper modulation by enthalpy information from indoor and outdoor

Program control for efficient start control, time schedule, remote control and open air in functions

Fan coil

Fan coil valve control according to the measuring values of indoor temperature

Start/stop control of fan coil panel for each area

Air exhaust fan

Start/stop control exhaust fan

Open air

Measuring and recording of temperature and humidity


Water Tank

Control of incoming amount by measuring value of water tank level

Drain Tank

Sequential control of pump by water level

Boiler System

Control of supply water in condensation tank

Chiller System

Remote control of the chiller system

Cooling tower fan control by measuring values of coolant temperature

Differential pressure valve control

Heat Exchanger

Temperature compensation control

Start/stop control of circulating pump for hot water

Additional Features of Software

  • System status monitoring
  • Monitoring and controlling for local devices
  • Data inspection and reports
  • Early detection of errors through alarm management
  • Reservation management
  • EMS function
  • Optimum start/stop
  • Duty cycle
  • Night cycle/purge