Access Control SYSTEM


Software Features

  • Indication of door status (indication of Open/Close status)
  • Management of door schedule
  • Management of working attendance status
  • Canteen management
  • Management access reports
  • Management by Company / departments / positions
  • Output photos of registered persons
  • Possible to interface with the program software of other systems
  • Management by access groups

System Benefits

  • Providing the safety to information and property
  • Use of data for access management
  • Immediate reaction is possible by the remote monitoring system for all access points
  • Labour cost savings by reduction of the number of security guards
  • CLARUS Access control system can be applicable to the various kinds of management system with ID recognition, such as working attendance management, canteen management, patrol management and parking management, etc.
  • Synergy effects by interface with IBS system, such as HVAC, lighting control, power monitoring and elevator monitoring system
  • Control by authorisation to access by zones and time